2016 Operating Schedule

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September25 Park ClosedSeptember26 Park ClosedSeptember27 Park ClosedSeptember28 Park ClosedSeptember29 Park ClosedSeptember30 Park ClosedOctober1 Park Closed
October2 Park ClosedOctober3 Park ClosedOctober4 Park ClosedOctober5 Park ClosedOctober6 Park ClosedOctober7 Park ClosedOctober8 Park Closed
October9 Park ClosedOctober10 Park ClosedOctober11 Park ClosedOctober12 Park ClosedOctober13 Park ClosedOctober14 Park ClosedOctober15 Park Closed
October16 Park ClosedOctober17 Park ClosedOctober18 Park ClosedOctober19 Park ClosedOctober20 Park ClosedOctober21 Park ClosedOctober22 Park Closed
October23 Park ClosedOctober24 Park ClosedOctober25 Park ClosedOctober26 Park ClosedOctober27 Park ClosedOctober28 Park ClosedOctober29 Park Closed
October30 Park ClosedOctober31 Park ClosedNovember1 Park ClosedNovember2 Park ClosedNovember3 Park ClosedNovember4 Park ClosedNovember5 Park Closed

Operating schedule, prices and attraction availability are subject to change without notice.