Schlitterbahn Halloween Coloring Sheets | Schlitterbahn Fall Fun

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Schlitterbahn Halloween Coloring Sheets | Fall Fun at Schlitterbahn Galveston

Aaron Martinez |
October 17, 2020

#SchlitterbahnFallFun Coloring Pages

We love Autumn. It’s the time of year that signifies change is in the air. We see an invasion of pumpkin spice and apple treats. We start seeing scary movie marathons, fall dessert recipes pop into our social media feed, and stores are stocked with Candy Corn, as polarizing as they may be. And, in Texas, we all pretend that it’s not still 90+ degrees outside. We desperately watch the local news to give us hope about forthcoming cold fronts that never seem to make it. But that doesn’t stop us from pulling out the sweaters and boots. After all, it’s Fall, y’all!

Yes, the start of the “cool” season means that summertime is coming to an end and it’s time to get back to school. Kids are reintroduced to homework and routine, while longing for Halloween candy. Times of transition can be fun, or they can be rough. We prefer fun to difficult. So, let’s have some fun together. You provide the candy and we’ll provide the fun fall coloring sheets.

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Don’t be shy artists, share your work with us. Use #SchlitterbahnFallFun so we can see those beautiful fall masterpieces all over our social channels.