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Torrent River

Journey through a tidal wave river where giant waves break around every corner as you travel around the entire Wasserfest area. This endless river connects to Whitewater River and Kristal River and is part of our Transportainment River System, which allows guests to float throughout the entire park without ever leaving the water.

  • Thrill Level:

    High Thrill, Loud, Waves

  • Ride Type:

    River, Tidal Wave River, Transportainment, Tube Ride

  • Height Requirement:


  • Park Location:

    Wasserfest Section

  • Attraction Rating:

    Red Diamond

  • Water Depth:

    Up to 36 inches


Located next to Torrent Beach Snack Shack in the Wasserfest area. Enter through Torrent Beach. Choose to travel this river with or without a tube.