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Watch Movies Outdoors

Friday and Saturday Nights
8:00 PM

Movies Under the Stars! - Tickets Start at $5

Movies Start at 8:00 PM

Friday, April 5 & Saturday, April 6
Cars. Ka-Chow! This enduring Disney Pixar movie is a favorite of kids and car enthusiasts alike. Join Lightning McQueen as he gets stranded in Radiator Springs days before the biggest race of his life and learns lessons about life, friendship, and winning it all. Featuring the voice talents of Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt and Larry the Cable Guy as the lovable "Mater".

Friday, April 12 & Saturday, April 13
BumbleBee. Stranded on Earth in 1987, fan favorite Transformer BumbleBee teams up with his human friend Charlie as they defend us all against the evil Decepticons. One of the best rated movies in the Transformer franchise - this little yellow bug will find his way into your heart too.

Friday, April 19 & Saturday, April 20
Mary Poppins Returns. Decades after her original visit, the magical nanny returns to help the Banks siblings and Michael's children through a difficult time in their lives.

Saturday, April 27
A Dogs Way Home. Bring your tissues and comfort food as we follow Bella on a 400 mile journey to reunite with her best friend Lucas. Across the country-side through danger, adversity, and making friends along the way Bella is sure to appeal to the dog lover in us all.

$5 Admission for Children and Seniors 
$7 Adults
Children 4 and under are free!

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Full Concessions Available!