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Eating at the Park

Bring Your Own Picnic Inside The Park!

At Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City, you can always bring your own food and beverages and enjoy a picnic right inside the park! (no glass or alcohol, please).
NOTE: Ice chests, coolers and picnic supplies are checked upon entry.

Fun Foods Available in the Park

For guests who wish to purchase food and beverages at the park, Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City provides a scrumptious assortment of fun foods at Gator Grill & Pizza, ICEE Mix-it-Up and Schatze's Sweet Shop and various other locations throughout the park. From cheeseburgers to funnel cakes to sweets, there are many ways to please the palate!

Splash Cash® – No Need to Carry Cash or Cards!

Load your admission wristband with Splash Cash so you do not need to carry cash or cards while enjoying the park. Each guest is provided a waterproof wristband for park admission. Using cash, credit cards or debit cards, add any amount of money to your wristband in $5 increments and use it to pay for food, beverages, lockers and merchandise at most locations throughout the park. No need to carry cash or credit and debit cards. Splash Cash may be purchased at the admissions counter when you arrive. Unused amounts can be refunded at the end of the day at the park entrance. For those who purchase Splash Cash with credit cards it may take 3-5 business days for your bank to post it on your account; 7-10 business days for debit cards.