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Corporate Partner Programs

Be a Schlitterbahn Corporate Partner

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Schlitterbahn Partners get more than just discounts for employees. When you sign up as a Corporate Partner you open up a world of benefits for you, your employees, your clients, and your favorite charities. No matter what the occasion, Schlitterbahn has a unique solution. Our corporate programs offer the best individual and event discounts available and are a great addition to any employee benefits plan.

Companies with 50+ Associates
  • Ticket Discounts (eTickets or Consignment - see below for full details)
  • FREE Tickets
  • Monthly Eblast to keep your team up-to-date on the latest offers exclusively for Corporate Partners
  • Personal Attention for your Group Visit
  • Optional Participation in SunSational Club - Coupon Program

Companies with under 50 Associates
  • Coupon Program - SunSational Club
  • Updated Coupon Offers for great Discounts all Summer

Discount Consignment Ticket Program

Larger organizations may also take advantage of our NO COST discounted Consignment Ticket Program. This benefit not only provides employees or members with discounts on pre-purchased tickets that are greater than those available to the general public, but it also gives them the flexibility to visit the park on their own on any operating day they choose. Tickets are valid during the current season only. When you participate in one of our consignment programs, you provide a great benefit at no cost to your organization, and your employees or members receive a discount greater than they can get on their own.

Program benefits include:

  • Significant savings on General Admission (ages 12-54) and Child/Senior Admission (ages 3-11 and 55 & older).
  • Tickets are pre-purchased by your associates, so they do not need to buy admission tickets when they arrive at the park.
  • No money up front for qualified large organizations. Pay monthly only for what you sell.
  • Use tickets as an employee or member benefit, use as incentives, giveaway to vendors or provide as a “thank you” to your loyal customers.
  • Free promotional brochures and posters are provided to help create awareness of the program.

Corporate Electronic Ticket Program

The Corporate Electronic Ticket Program makes it even easier to deliver the same great discounts to your associates as the Consignment Ticket Program. Here’s how it works:
  • Schlitterbahn provides a unique promotional code for online access to discounted electronic all-day admission tickets and season passes at Qualified organizations simply share the promotion code with employees or members.
  • Schlitterbahn collects all payments directly from your associates so you do not need to handle cash or make monthly payments.
  • Associates print tickets on their own so there is no inventory of ticket stock for you to maintain.
  • The promotion code is for private organizations only and not available to the general public.

SunSational Club Discount Coupons

SunSational Club Discount Coupons are available for distribution as an employee or member benefit. Coupons provide a savings off the gate admission price that is greater than other coupon offers available to the general public.

All tickets and discounts distributed through the programs above are valid on any public operating day during the season they are distributed in. Unsold consignment tickets must be returned for credit by October 3rd of the current year.