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Kansas City Waterpark | Operating Schedule


Schlitterbahn Kansas City Operating Calendar

When it's hot in Kansas City, Kansas Schlitterbahn is the place to be. Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City opens daily close to Memorial Day and weekends from mid-August to Labor Day Weekend.

Choose your date on the calendar below for hours, pricing, and special event information.

Download Printable 2018 Schedule.

March 2018

February25Park Closed February26Park Closed February27Park Closed February28Park Closed March1Park Closed March2Park Closed March3Park Closed
March4Park Closed March5Park Closed March6Park Closed March7Park Closed March8Park Closed March9Park Closed March10Park Closed
March11Park Closed March12Park Closed March13Park Closed March14Park Closed March15Park Closed March16Park Closed March17Park Closed
March18Park Closed March19Park Closed March20Park Closed March21Park Closed March22Park Closed March23Park Closed March24Park Closed
March25Park Closed March26Park Closed March27Park Closed March28Park Closed March29Park Closed March30Park Closed March31Park Closed
April1Park Closed April2Park Closed April3Park Closed April4Park Closed April5Park Closed April6Park Closed April7Park Closed

Operating schedule, prices and attraction availability are subject to change without notice.