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Storm Blaster

Storm Blaster is an uphill Master Blasterâ„¢ water coaster, another signature Schlitterbahn attraction. Storm Blaster combines the up and down thrills of a roller coaster with the unique experience of being propelled upward by jets of water. Riders ascend to the top of the launch tower and are sent down a three-story plunge, then back up through a series of peaks and dips before entering the twisting tunnel that leads to the final splash. It's like a roller coaster but better and wetter! Storm Blaster is one of the eight slides, chutes, rivers and beaches in the Transportainment river system that make it possible for guests to travel from one end of the park to the other basically without ever leaving the water!

  • Thrill Level:

    High Thrill

  • Ride Type:

    Uphill Water Coaster

  • Height Requirement:

    Over 42" Tall Without Adult

  • Park Location:

    East Section Kansas City

  • Attraction Rating:

    Red Diamond