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Torrent Beach

The best beach in Kansas! Torrent Beach combines lots of giant umbrellas and tons of sun loungers with a constant flow of breaking waves. Torrent Beach is also the beginning of The Torrent River. Whether you just want to catch some rays, cool off in the surf, or embark on journey through the canyon of The Torrent River, Torrent Beach is the perfect spot to enjoy a great day. Guests enter this attraction without waiting in line! Torrent Beach is one of the thirteen slides, chutes, rivers and beaches in the Transportainment river system that make it possible for guests to travel from one end of the park to the other basically without ever leaving the water!

  • Thrill Level:

    Moderate Thrill

  • Ride Type:

    Lounging Beach, Zero Entry Beach

  • Height Requirement:


  • Park Location:

    East Section Kansas City

  • Attraction Rating:

    Blue Circle