10 Reasons to Get a Job at Schlitterbahn-New Braunfels

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10 Reasons to Work at Schlitterbahn-New Braunfels

Angela Flournoy |
March 9, 2017

Are you tired of your boring job? Need to get a little more fun in your life? Is day-to-day monotony bringing you down? Do you have a job that looks like this:

Have no fear; there’s a solution! Not only is Schlitterbahn a great place to visit with your friends, but it is also a great place to work and make new friends! Although there are a million reasons to apply to work at Schlitterbahn, I will narrow it down to just the top ten.

1. Free park admission. Once you get hired, your ID badge is your new season pass. Bring it to the guest relations booth at the ticket counter to receive your wristband and have a fun-filled day in the sun.

2. Discounted tickets. Don’t want to come to the park alone? We don’t want you to be alone either. Discounted tickets are available for purchase in the staff services office. You can purchase six each month for your family and friends!

3. Parties. Parties. Parties. Schlitterbahn loves a good party almost as much as they love their staff. Schlitterbahn hosts a couple of fun events for staff members throughout the summer. To promote a fun-filled work season, we start with our kick-off party. Once the park closes the Blastenhoff area of the park is opened for just staff members: this means no waiting in line for the Master Blaster! The party is catered by local restaurants and we have a live DJ to get everyone grooving. In the middle of the season, just to remind the staff how much we care, a full week is dedicated to giving back. Each day has a theme that comes along with free food, prizes, and most importantly an appreciation for all the hard work our staff puts in every day. At the end of the season, as one last thank you, Schlitterbahn hosts the end of season party that is just as fun-filled as the kick-off party.

4. Referral bonus. Schlitterbahn wants you. And your friends. If you refer a friend to work for us, you and that friend will receive a $50 bonus. There are a few requirements, you both must be in good standing by the end of the season, and your name must be written in on their original application.

5. Attendance bonus. Showing up to work is easy. Having a fun day at work, even easier. Receiving fun prizes just for being a good employee, easiest. Throughout the season staff members are eligible for attendance bonuses. And all you have to do is turn up for work when you are required to. Easy right?  Just think how good your paycheck will look at the end of the month with that added attendance bonus. Prizes include Schlitterbahn tickets, restaurant gift cards, Bahn T-shirts, a Go Pro, Alamo Drafthouse vouchers, and other amusement park passes. That’s a lot of extra money in your pocket to responsibly save or to spend on a lot of chocolate bars, both are good.

6. More discounts. Schlitterbahn teams up with local restaurants boutiques, gyms, and salons, to give discounts to our employees. All you have to do to receive the discount is bring your employee ID with your beautiful face on it. Schlitterbahn also wants to give its employees a chance to get all the Schlittergear they desire, so all employees receive a 20% off discount in the retail department. Don’t go too crazy though because before you know it, your entire closet will be made up of Schlitterbahn shirts, hats, and other fun stuff. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

7. Scholarship opportunities. For our Bobcats or prospective Bobcats, (Eat’em Up Cats!) through an endowment fund set up by the Henry family with Texas State University, each season Schlitterbahn gives away several scholarships. You can pick up your application at the Staff Service office.

8. Scratch-off Tickets and Bahn Bands. When members of our management team see you do a fantastic job, they will hand you a scratch-off ticket that reveals prizes such as free uniform items, meal vouchers, ice cream vouchers, and gift cards. Now you’re probably asking yourself “what is a Bahn Band” and “how that’s a perk for working at Schlitterbahn.” Don’t worry; I have all those answers. Bahn Bands are colored wristbands that can be worn throughout the season and turned back in for tickets for the End of Season Auction in August. Some previous prizes include Apple Watches, TV’s, Go-Pros, etc. To get Scratch-off tickets or Bahn Bands all you have to do is be an exceptional employee, and I bet that won’t be a problem for any of you shining stars.

9. Living the Legacy Award. Roughly this translates to “employee of the week.” This roughly translates to “you did such an amazing job, you’re a great person, here take these prizes.” Schlitterbahn values hard work and constant dedication to guest service. Each department will choose staff members that represent that image for the Living the Legacy Award. Recipients will win two Schlitterbahn tickets, a free lunch voucher for the employee café, and a shout out on the staff member website.

10. Lifelong friendships. Not only is Schlitterbahn a place where you can find rewarding work, but you can also find people who will end up being your friends for life. From day one Schlitterbahn emphasizes the importance of treating each other like family. Once you become an employee, you also gain admittance into the biggest waterpark family. We make sure we always have each other’s backs, support one and other, and spread the #Bahnlove. You’ll always be welcome here.

If you’re interested in working with us this season, and we sure hope you are you can go online here to apply: Cedar Fair Jobs