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Palapas are rented on an advance reservation basis only.

Palapas are located in the North Beach section surrounding the Lilypad area and located right off the Rio Aventura. Palapas are furnished with a BBQ grill and accommodate anywhere from 35 -300 people each. Palapas may be rented in advance by fax or email from the Group Sales department. Orders must be done 24 hours in advance as the group sales office is not staffed on weekends. Reserve early as palapa space is limited. Palapa rentals require a minimum of 25 tickets, purchased through the Group Sales department, for Saturday rentals and a minimum of 15 tickets purchased through the Group Sales Department for a Sunday rental. No minimum ticket purchase is required for weekday rental of palapas.

View/Print Palapa Order Form

  • Cabana Type:

    BBQ Papala

  • Max Guests:


  • Pricing:

    Prices vary by date.