Schlitterbahn Waterpark's Open Attractions and Other Helpful Reminders


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When You’re In the Park

You’re here at the Hottest, Coolest Time in Texas! To help you enjoy your day, here’s what you’ll see and experience inside the park.

At this time, both Schlitterbahn New Braunfels and Schlitterbahn Galveston will be operating only selected attractions. For more information on the schedules and attraction availability for each park see New Braunfels Schedule and Galveston Schedule.

Helpful Reminders

The coronavirus has created a new way of life for everyone, so you’ll see lots of reminders throughout the park to:

  • Wash your hands every 20 minutes. (We have many washing and hand sanitizer stations all through the park.)
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Wear your face covering in designated areas.
  • Maintain 6’ social distance from other park guests and associates.
  • Use contactless forms of payment, including credit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.


Everyone knows restrooms can be a source of germs, so we want you to know we are following strict guidelines to help you have a safe experience. We are:

  • Sanitizing restrooms frequently.
  • Deep cleaning restrooms at the end of each day.
  • Monitoring traffic and limiting occupancy within restrooms to allow for social distancing.
  • Face coverings are required in restroom facilities.

Because we’re all in this together, please make sure to wash your hands after using the restroom.

Rides and Attractions

To maintain social distancing and avoid the spread of germs, here’s what you’ll see and experience at our rides and attractions:

  • Some areas, rides and attractions are not conducive for social distancing and are closed for now.
  • Wait lines for open rides and attractions will be marked for social distancing.
  • Some seats and rows will be unavailable to accommodate social distancing.


We know delicious, fun food is a special part of the Schlitterbahn experience and we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you’ll see and experience when enjoying our scrumptious food and beverages:

  • Some tables have been removed for social distancing.
  • Distancing is marked on the floor for wait lines.
  • All disposable products, including pre-wrapped utensils and condiments.
  • Plastic barriers between guests and associates.
  • Contactless payments, including credit card, splash cash, ApplePay, and Android Pay are encouraged.

Merchandise & Gift Shops

  • Social distancing must be maintained at all of our gift shops and cart locations.
  • It’s very important to continue wearing your mask in these locations.
  • Contactless payment is encouraged where possible.

Re-Entry to the Park

  • You are welcome to leave the waterpark and return the same day of your visit.
  • You will be able to bypass the health screening and temperature check, but you will be required to go through security screening and metal detectors each time you enter.
  • Be sure to obtain a stamp or wristband to indicate you’ll be returning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our current schedule reflects a safe and responsible approach to park operations in this unique environment. We understand you want to see the entire park reopen. Trust us, we would like nothing more than a long float down The Falls or to cascade along the iconic Hillside tube chute. But, the reality is creating a safe and healthy environment is dependent on a variety of factors related to our new operational environment.

Please know the Bahn team is working hard behind the scenes to deliver the best experience possible for our loyal passholders. We have your best interests at heart. We recommend you refer to our park calendar to help you schedule your next trip.

Check the New Braunfels schedule and Galveston schedule for details.

Face coverings are required for entry into the park, in food and beverage lines, bars, merchandise locations, restroom facilities, and as you exit the park. Face masks are encouraged while walking throughout the park. For your safety, we ask that you remove face coverings when experiencing water attractions or pools. Face coverings are not required while waiting in line for water attractions, nor for guests under the age of two-years-old.

A cloth mask, a disposable mask, a neck gaiter or a bandana all qualify as a face covering. 

You are welcome to stay as long as you like until the park closes for the day.

No, because we are also limiting the number of guests who can visit the park, so everything is reduced in proportion.