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Screaming Serpents - 2 water slides

Swish back and forth as you slide through the bellies of two giant sea serpents. Fog, sound and light effects make the ride a totally immersive experience that ends with a splash as you exit through the 8-foot-tall fanged mouths of the creatures.

  • Thrill Level:

    Aggressive, High Speed, High Thrill, Special Effects

  • Ride Type:

    Body Slide

  • Height Requirement:

    Over 48" Tall

  • Park Location:

    Blastenhoff Section - Galveston

  • Attraction Rating:

    Red Diamond

  • Awards:

    As seen on Travel Channel's Xtreme Waterparks!

  • Water Depth:

    Less than 1 foot


Weight Restrictions Apply
Maximum 300 per rider

Start Location: Near the top of the Cliffhanger tower in the Blastenhoff area. End Location: Next to Shipwreck Grill and Whitewater Cove in Blastenhoff area. Need to Know: Rider must cross legs and arms as denoted on safety sign. Please remove shirt and footwear before riding. Shirts, shoes, water socks, and sandals are not permitted on this ride.