Five Years of the MASSIV Monster Blaster at Schlitterbahn Galveston

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One MASSIV Anniversary

Jacob Knierim |
June 22, 2021

One MASSIV Anniversary

The year is 2016 and Schlitterbahn Galveston is celebrating 10 years of operation. We needed a massive celebration to let our guests know just how much we appreciate them. Since Schlitterbahn invented the uphill water coaster in 1992, we decided to build the world’s tallest water coaster. A project this massive could only have one name: MASSIV-the German word for massive was a perfect fit. We were breaking barriers and sticking to our roots at the same time.

Galveston 10 Anniversary Graphic

One MASSIV Undertaking

Construction began on March 25, 2016. Just a few short months later, MASSIV was unveiled to the public on June 22, 2016 with hordes of excited guests and thrill seekers come from all around to take on the world’s largest water coaster.. One day prior to the official opening, Schlitterbahn had an official judge from Guinness World Records certify that MASSIV was indeed the world’s tallest water coaster at a jaw dropping 81 feet 6.72 inches tall!

Massiv Measurement Event 2016

One MASSIV Legacy

Fast forward to today. MASSIV is now five years old and continues to thrill our fans daily. Happy Birthday, MASSIV!

Massiv fifth bday with hat

Can you handle MASSIV Monster Blaster?