Schlitterbahn New Braunfels' Water Slide Accessibility and Safety

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Have Fun. Stay Safe.

We know. You come to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels for the countless thrills and endless excitement. We want you to know that while you're focused on the fun, we're focused on your safety.

Many of our attractions have height requirements that allow a guest under that requirement to participate with a supervising companion. A supervising companion is someone who meets all the requirements to participate on the attraction themselves, is 14 years of age or older, and demonstrates appropriate observed behavior.

Supervising companions are responsible for ensuring that the guest remains seated properly where applicable and follows all rules and regulations. The supervising companion must be seated next to the guest who needs accompaniment and can accompany one participant.

The exception to this is at Cliffhanger, Congo Expedition, Deluge, Hillside, Kristal Cove, Kristal River, Raging River, The Beach Wave Pool, The Falls, Torrent River, Whitewater, and Wolfpack where a supervising companion may accompany two participants.

Supervising Companions are responsible for ensuring that the guest remains seated properly—where applicable--and follows all rules and regulations.

While all amusement attractions have associated risks, certain individuals are at increased risk for injury from these attractions. Carefully evaluate each attraction to determine if you or members of your party can safely participate. We reserve the right to deny access to an attraction to anyone who we feel may not be able to safely experience the attraction or may be a hazard to other participants.

A Rider Safety Guide sign is posted at every attraction entrance and Alternate Access Entrance. These signs provide height requirements, health restrictions, ride ratings, ride accessibility, and special instructions regarding the attraction. Please review these signs prior to accessing the attraction and ensure to follow all instructions provided. Our prime consideration is the ability of a person to endure the dynamics of the ride without the risk of injury to himself, other guests, or park personnel.

Hand-held infants are children who are unable to independently walk or maintain seated postural control and will only be able to participate on the following attractions with a supervising companion:

Bamboozle Bay Heated Pool, Beach Wave Pool (must stay in 2 ft. water or less), Boogie Bay Heated Pool, Butterfly Bayou, Deluge, Dragon’s Lair Heated Pool, Gator Bowl, Kiddie Coast, Kinderhaven, Kristal Cove, Kristal River, Lagoon Activity Pool, Lagoon Heated Pool, Lagoon Kiddie Park, Lava Lagoon Heated Pool, Polywog Pond, Riverbend Heated Pool, Riverbend Pool, Schatze’s Central Park, Sea Creature Cove, Tadpool, Torrent River & Beach, Westwing Resort Pool, and Wunder Heated Pool. Hand-held infants and their supervising companion may also enjoy the elevated sections of Han’s Hideout and Polywog Pond but may not participate on the slides.

Guests who are pregnant may participate in the Bamboozle Heated Pool, Boogie Bay Heated Pool, Butterfly Bayou, Kristal Cove, Kristal River, Deluge, Dragon’s Lair Heated Pool, Lagoon Activity Pool, Kiddie Coast, Kinderhaven, Lagoon Heated Pool, Lagoon Kiddie Park, Lava Lagoon Heated Pool, Polywog Pond, Riverbend Heated Pool, Riverbend Pool, Schatze’s Central Park, Sea Creature Cove, Tadpool, Torrent River, The Beach Wave Pool, and Wunder Heated Pool.

Evacuations may be required due to such causes as a mechanical problem, weather conditions, or a power interruption. If an evacuation is required, guests may be asked to evacuate pools as quickly as possible using stairs or ladders. If an evacuation from an attraction is required, remain seated until given instructions. For safety reasons, we may evacuate ambulatory guests prior to evacuating those guests using wheelchairs. If so, you accept any risk due to delayed evacuation or if we need to physically lift or lower you.

Life jackets are required for children who are less than 48" tall in bare feet or those who are inexperienced or non-swimmers. Life jackets are available for all guests needing special consideration. Children who are less than 42" tall must wear life jackets and be accompanied by a supervising companion. This policy will be enforced at Backsplash, Hang Ten Harbor, Kristal Cove, Kristal River, Torrent River & Beach, The Beach Wave Pool, and The Falls. Only Coast Guard-approved life jackets are allowed as floatation devices. Life jackets are provided free of charge for guests who require one.

Most attractions cannot accommodate loose articles including jewelry, cell phones, hats, eyewear, cameras, purses, backpacks, beverage containers, electronic devices, etc. Items must be safely secured in a waist pack, in a locker, or with a non-rider. Schlitterbahn is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. For safety reasons, cell phone usage, taking pictures, and filming on attractions are prohibited. Hearing devices and other electronic devices may be damaged by water. Please take necessary precautions to protect hearing devices on all attractions.

Appropriate swimwear is required. Thongs and transparent clothing are not permitted. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of swimwear. Guests wearing bathing attire with metal buttons, rivet zippers, or snaps will not be permitted to ride on: Backsplash, Boogie Bahn, Der Bahn, Double Loops, Han’s Hideout – slides, and Soda Straws.

For your safety, loose clothing (including scarves and other free-flowing clothing) must be significantly secured or removed to prevent any interference with the ride restraint system. Hearing devices or other electronic devices may be damaged by water. Please take the necessary steps to protect such items. Guests with glasses should wear a safety strap on the slides. Contact lenses are not recommended. Guests requiring special accommodation should speak to a member of the Aquatics management team.

For the comfort of all guests, smoking of any kind, including vapor and e-cigarettes, is not permitted in Schlitterbahn. Thank you for your cooperation.

Due to manufacturer requirements, guests of larger size (in terms of height, weight, and/or proportions) may not be accommodated on some of our attractions. Maximum (and minimum) weight limits can be found under the individual attractions in this guide and on the Rider Safety Guide Signs at the entrance to attractions with restrictions. Red light/green light-scale systems are used at weight-sensitive attractions. Guests who exceed the weight requirement will not be permitted to ride. Scales are used at Dragon’s Revenge, Master Blaster, and Wolfpack.

Height requirements and specific rider instructions are posted at the entrance to each attraction. Height measurements are taken in bare feet. Children may be “officially” measured at Guest Services. The measured guest will be given a wristband to indicate their height range. Wristbands are not required to ride.

As part of our continued dedication to provide a safe and enjoyable water park experience for our guests, Schlitterbahn routinely utilizes training exercises to test and develop our lifeguards’ skills and vigilance. These exercises will occur during normal operating hours and may consist of the following: submersible water mannequins, the use of video surveillance equipment, internal and external audits, active/inactive water rescues and/or first aid scenarios.

Guests who require a diaper are required to wear swim diapers or a diaper specifically designed for aquatic use.