Go downhill on Schlitterbahn New Braunfels' Cliffhanger Tube Chute tube ride!

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Cliffhanger Tube Chute

Wind through The Original Schlitterbahn hills and trees with a final dramatic drop down to the edge of the Comal River. Finding the starting point for the Cliffhanger can be a little challenging. Riders access the stairway leading to the entrance from a walkway that runs midway along the cliffside.

This walkway can be reached from the stairs near the Castle Entrance or from the walkway that borders the Comal River. Because geography makes it a little harder to find, the Cliffhanger often has one of the shortest waiting times of any Schlitterbahn tube chute.

Rider Safety Information

Min Height Accompanied
Min Height Alone

Attraction Type
Tube Chute

Attraction Rating
4 - High

Park Location
Original Schlitterbahn/Schlitterbahn West

Weight Restrictions

Life Jacket Required

Water Depth
Up to 36 Inches