Kristal River is one of Schlitterbahn New Braunfel's Lazy Rivers in Texas

Kristal River

An endless float around the entire Surfenburg area. Kristal River is one of three "endless" rivers at Schlitterbahn. By that, we mean that these rivers are all at one level and form a continuous loop. Riders, therefore, can stay in them as long as they wish, being propelled along by the current. You swim, float on a tube, or hop on the back of one of the friendly alligators that inhabit the river.

Kristal River encircles the Surfenburg section and can be entered from a stairway located along the inner perimeter or from the adjacent Kristal Cove. For a more exciting entry to the river, try the Backsplash, a fast-flowing channel that begins near the Boogie Bahn and flows directly into the Kristal River.

Rider Safety Information

Min Height

Attraction Type
Not-So-Lazy River

Attraction Rating
3 - Moderate

Park Location
Surfenburg Section

Weight Restrictions

Life Jacket Required

  • Under 48"
  • Under 42" with Supervising Companion

Water Depth
Up to 51"