Schlitterbahn New Braunfels' Lazy River Tubing Ride, The Falls

The Falls

Get ready to challenge the world’s longest waterpark ride filled with raging rapids, careening waterfalls and giant waves. Enter the 3,600 foot-long whitewater Transportainment river at a variety of locations including Blastenhoff, Surfenburg, and new beach areas surrounding the River Bend heated pool situated at the far end of Schlitterbahn East.

The Falls is a continuous rushing river that also features a ride up the park’s first AquaVeyer (conveyor belt lift hill) back to the beginning of the ride allowing for an endless float.

Rider Safety Information

Min Height

Attraction Type
Tube Chute

Attraction Rating
4 - High

Park Location
Tubenbach Section

Weight Restrictions

Life Jacket Required

  • Under 48"
  • Under 42" with Supervising Companion

Water Depth
Up to 48"