Schlitterbahn New Braunfels' River Tubing Ride, The Falls

Waterpark: Closed View Hours
The Falls

Get ready to challenge the world’s longest waterpark ride filled beginning to end with raging rapids, careening waterfalls, and giant waves. Enter the 3,600 foot-long whitewater river to get a fun-filled grand tour of SCHLITTERBAHN EAST.

Start your journey by the Riverbend Resort Rooms, splash through a relaxing stretch while Skycoaster Flyers soar above, be ready for a thrilling turn with a beautiful view of our Treehaus Luxury Suites, hold on to your tube while you float alongside the scenic Comal River, then take a lap around the Deluge, and back up the Aquaveyor to the end of your adventure!

Note: Ride entry on most operating days will start near Riverbend Cabins. On selected operating days multiple entry points from the Deluge to the Treehaus will be open for a continuous ride experience.

Rider Safety Information

Min Height Accompanied
Min Height Alone

Attraction Type
Tube Chute

Attraction Rating
4 - High

Park Location
Tubenbach Section

Weight Restrictions

Life Jacket Required

  • Under 48"
  • Under 42" with Supervising Companion

Water Depth
Up to 48"