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Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster

Six stories tall! Over 1000 feet in length! This ride has been voted the best water ride in the United States time and time again! Selected as the best water ride in the nation again and again, Master Blaster combines the up and down thrills of a roller coaster with the unique experience of being propelled by jets of water. Riders ascend to the top of the Blastenhoff Tower where they find two-passenger inflatable boats waiting for them. Once in position on the launch platform, they are sent down a three-story plunge, then back up three stories and into a twisting tunnel. Riders get a brief glimpse of the tower they just left before dropping once again. Master Blaster continues its course, figure-eighting around the tower, blasting uphill and down before entering the climatic pretzel-shaped downward spiral. Master Blaster is non-stop action! Master Blaster uses patented technology first developed for Schlitterbahn by our sister company, NBGS International, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative water ride technology.

  • Thrill Level:

    Big Drops, High Speed, High Thrill, Scary

  • Ride Type:

    Uphill Water Coaster

  • Height Requirement:

    Over 42" Tall

  • Park Location:

    Blastenhoff Section - New Braunfels

  • Attraction Rating:

    Red Diamond


Weight Restrictions Apply
Maximum 250 per raft for a single rider
Maximum 400 per raft for double riders