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Polywog Pond Kiddie Park

A water fantasy land with spraying mushrooms, padded slides, and swinging suspension bridges. The Polywog Pond is a little more adventurous than Schatze's Central Park, but still designed for the younger set. Giant toad stools form the central theme of the attraction and are designed as huge play elements. Kids can explore them, cross between them on suspension bridges, and slide down them. There's even a big, friendly frog slide.

  • Thrill Level:

    Low Speed, Shallow, Small Slide

  • Ride Type:

    Kids' Play Area

  • Height Requirement:

    Under 48" Tall

  • Park Location:

    Schlitterbahn Original Section

  • Attraction Rating:

    Green Square

  • Water Depth:

    3 inches - 5 inches