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Schatze's Central Park

Schatze has taken over a park complete with a root beer stand, ice cream parlor, car wash and a magical castle that all have been transformed into his own puppy playground. Nestled in a shady, wooded section of Schlitterbahn, Schatze's Central Park is a perfect complement to our six additional world-class kids' areas. Schlitterbahn's lovable dachshund pup mascot has his own area. This area includes playful fountains, squirting fire hydrants, spraying park sprinklers, a kid-friendly car wash, pint-sized slides and a magical castle (meet Schatze, the costume character, at his Magical Meet 'n Greet Castle).

  • Thrill Level:

    Low Speed, Shallow, Small Slide

  • Ride Type:

    Kids' Play Area

  • Height Requirement:

    Under 48" Tall

  • Park Location:

    Schlitterbahn Original Section

  • Attraction Rating:

    Green Square


Parents can accompany their children as they explore Schatze's Central Park or they can relax on a shaded bench. The area is supervised by Schlitterbahn's nationally certified lifeguard staff.