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White Water Tube Chute

This is a ride that really lives up to its name! Adventurous riders begin their journey with a twisting vortex before plunging down a huge waterfall. This tube chute begins just behind the Castle Entrance building. Tubers spiral down a series of short drops before taking a precipitous plunge down the side of a cliff. The Whitewater continues its splashy way by cascading through a beautiful natural course before ending next to the Comal River.

  • Thrill Level:

    High Thrill, River Rapids, Small Drops

  • Ride Type:

    Tube Chute

  • Height Requirement:


  • Park Location:

    Schlitterbahn Original Section

  • Attraction Rating:

    Red Diamond


For more information about White Water check out our blog: Where does it end?

Small children must be in a separate tube. Tubes with bottoms are located at our guest relations counters near the bottom of the Downhill Racer.